Kristin Øhrn Dyrud is a composer living and working in LA and Norway. Since she was a child she has been humming themes from movies and TV series. Kristin always kept a tape recorder handy so she could record music from TV or her own musical ideas that started forming at an early age. She wrote her first composition when she was five and named it "Chinese Dance". Funny, since her fascination with China lead her there as a 19-year old backpacker. In China she met her American husband-to-be, which later brought her to LA where she started pursuing a career in film scoring.


Since her graduation from the prestigious USC Film Scoring Program in 2005, Kristin has scored several feature films  in very different genres as well as a number of short films, over a hundred commercials, a theatrical play  and a web series.  


Her latest and best known feature film is “Coherence”, which has been named one of the best science fiction movies in recent years. Kristin has also provided the score for the widely successful animated show Oddbods, which is produced by One Animation. At the Bend Film Festival in 2009 Kristin won an award for best score for the feature film "The Attic Door"


Kristin was a staff composer at Hum Music - a Santa Monica based music house that creates music for commercials - for four years. Through HUM she has scored commercials for clients such as Visa, Lexus, Walmart, Home Depot, Wix and PetSmart, to mention a few. Her latest commercial contribution was for the Clio Award winning spot "Portraits" for Jeep which aired during the 2016 Super Bowl.


Kristin is also an accomplished singer and songwriter. In 2014 she released her first solo album, “Orange In The Apple Tree”, where she wrote, performed and produced all the songs. In February 2015 she released an EP with five original songs under the moniker Lillo, called “Everything Goes North”.


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